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Cycling / Tutorials - 8 months ago

By: Daria

Great tips really! As for me, some apps help me to keep healthy lifestyle: Fooducate Weight Loss Coach, S Health, and Calorie Counter. They accompany me in training, watching pulse and weight, according to how much I eat and what I drink.

Cycling / Tutorials - 1 year ago

By: Khurram

Great content. Thanks dear for your hard work. More than 70 tips are really so useful. Thanks

Cycling / Tutorials - 1 year ago

By: cindy lindsay

thanks for all the great advice ! I need to find the motivation and commitment to eat healthy and keep moving ! I am not happy at the gym I am at there fore I don’t go. I do walk I need to watch portions and avoid stress eating. I am als...

Cycling / Tutorials - 2 years ago

By: Lovisa Karlsson

Hello Chris! Great info about fitness you have shared. You know Chris, I am very fat so I start daily morning and evening walk and always eat light food. I have reduced 5 kg weight. Actually I have read your blog few weeks back, after that I started...

Cycling / Tutorials - 3 years ago

By: Chris Freytag

Whenever you hit a plateau, you have to change up what you are doing. Add some intensity to your workouts. Do a different workout. Add some strength training to your routine, watch your portions, drink more water, etc. I wouldn’t focus on dropp...

Cycling / Tutorials - 3 years ago

By: Arlene Evans

I am really interested in losing weight and not finding it again!! I was a healthy life style. I been on this journey for about 3 years now and have not succeed yet. I have been on a roller coaster losing weight eating healthy and back to gaining wei...